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Cluster Upgrade

I installed my new cluster in about 20 minutes and couldn’t be more satisfied with it. Initially, I was worried it wouldn’t work with my truck, since I have a 2018 F350 XL, which is a bare bones work truck. Not a problem though, as it worked flawlessly. It even let me know I had a fault with the tire air pressure sensors, which I didn’t even know I had! If all this wasn’t great enough, it turns out Dave (the company owner) lives one city away from me and actually dropped it off to me the evening I ordered it! Talk about caring about your customers and business. Oh, and Dave was a heck of nice guy too. If you want a quality product from a top notch business, don’t hesitate to buy a cluster from Dave!

Thinking about this upgrade? Having second thoughts? Well DON’T! Dave @ clustersbylivnitup freakin’ de-liv-ered. I would post pictures, but…really…look up. in person, it looks awesome. Ordering was simple. I ordered at 4 or 5 pm on Tuesday- i got the cluster on Friday afternoon (today) and it’s already installed (<15 mins). FOR. THE. LOVE. OF. GOD. do it, you will not regret it. big props to dave- you are awesome, thank you. - dmills76 9/7/18

I installed my new cluster today. If anybody is on the fence about doing this mod, don’t worry. Dave from Clusters by Livnitup is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Mine arrived in 2 days in excellent condition. – Tom321 8/17/18

New 8” cluster installed, thanks to Clusters by Livnitup, less than 10 min to swap out old cluster for this shinny new one!! Went with the Red tint and what a change, like I just bought a new truck!! Extermely Professional and quick service highly recommend this mod to anyone looking too!! – Scorpius SPKC 8/13/18

He did an amazing job on packing and even better on the cluster, I timed it and it took me 9 mins from start to finish. Easiest upgrade ive ever done on a truck. This just makes the truck look more expensive lol. Now I have a gauge cluster that matches my sport package that came on the truck. – Dodgehemi0 8/10/18

My display installed “plug-n-play” just like Livinitup said, and looks JUST like the one in the previous post. Mileage to the 1/10th of a mile the same as before, engine hours the same. Perfect experience. Thanks for everything, Livinitup! Another happy customer! – OPsDad 8/3/18

Thanks so much to clusters by livinitup. He got my new cluster programmed and sent out to me within 12 hours and I got it 3 days later. Plug and play nothing else was needed and it works perfectly! He was very knowledgeable and professional, couldn’t have asked for anything better! – Jake Reno 8/3/18

Add another satisfied customer to the Livinitup cluster clan! From the initial email to see if I was still interested in purchasing, to the well packaged and fast shipment, I could not be happier. This 8” cluster upgrade really improves the interior of my ‘18 XL regular cab and I now have a turbo gauge (which is fun to have with my Unleashed tune)! Thanks to Livnitup I am now Lovinitup with my truck! – Zem 7/21/18

I received my new cluster today from Clusters by Livnitup. It was very well package and absolutely pristine. I took my time, it took about 20 minutes to install. When I turned on my truck everything worked no codes. The new cluster exceed my expectations. Miles and hours were exactly the same as my old cluster. Thank you Clusters by Livnitup you’re a class act. – Helinut 7/20/18

Swapped my gauges today and it’s really a 10 minute job. Livnitup made the process seamless and was a ton of help. He got the mileage along with hours and idle time spot on. Best mod I’ve done so far! If you’re on the fence about it go for it! Livnitup is the real deal!! – 18-2.7STX 7/16/18

Just received my 8″ cluster and installed it. Very simple and easy, took about 20 minutes. The service by Dave was fantastic. I ordered it on Thursday and arrived on Monday, today. The packaging was terrific also. Everything works as programmed and looks great. The communication by Dave was also outstanding, he sent tracking information and mailed it the same day I ordered. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your cluster. Highly recommend Dave. – Nampa45 7/16/18

I just installed the new sport conversion 8in cluster and couldn’t be happier. The conversion faceplates/ red needles and red leds match 100% compared to my old one. I appreciate the excellent service you provide and I won’t hesitate to recommend future clients to your business. – s140s 6/6/18

Got my cluster in and installed today. All I can say is WOW!! This thing is so awesome! Dave is great to deal with, the whole transaction was one of the easiest I’ve ever had. His communication is second to none, quality of work is second to none and it took 2 days to get here so that pretty much speaks for itself. The install was wicked easy, it literally took me about 20 minutes. All you’l need is a 7mm socket. There are 6 total screws that need to come out, two in the main gauge surround and 4 in the gauge cluster itself. Other than that, everything is snap fit with tension fittings.

If you’re kicking the idea around of getting a cluster from Dave, stop kicking and get on the list! You won’t regret it. I only really had time to drive a few miles since installing it and I can tell you already that I love the enhanced features of my original small screen cluster. The navigation in the cluster is wicked cool and the other visuals are so much nicer.

As for the “Sport” model mods that Dave made, they are spot on! The needles don’t look any different in terms of color, than the factory red needles. He nailed it. The “Sport” label and number font are all dead on, you’d never know that this isn’t a factory gauge face. – PistolWhip 5/31/18

I received my cluster Wednesday and I can’t say enough good things about Dave from Clusters by Livinitup. He answered all my questions, was quick to respond, did a fantastic job laying down the blue tint for the numbers, package was well protected and 2 day shipping. One of the easiest transactions I’ve ever made and absolutely thrilled with the cluster. – 96grimreaper 5/17/18

Adding myself as another satisfied customer, Livnitup made the entire process fast and painless, my cluster shipped the same day, was packed professionally and arrived in pristine condition. It looks great! – Dandickson 5/10/18

Another happy customer! I also had the pleasure of meeting Dave who does some amazing work on these clusters. I think my favorite part of the new cluster is having navigation on the instrument cluster now. Feels like a whole new truck! – Redranger04g 5/4/18

I opened the box and had the cluster installed within an hour. Most of that time was tracking down my tools around the house. With Livnitup preprogramming this, it really is plug and play. His installation video on youtube makes it so simple. If you are on the fence, definitely pull tge trigger and do it! – COFerdinand 4/27/18

I have dealt with a lot of people over the years for various purchases, customizations and mods. Livnitup, by far – is the most knowledgeable, thoughtful and smart person I have ever dealt with.He he responds to emails promptly, answers questions before you can even ask them and made the entire process painless. – MikeTHIS 4/11/18

Received my Cluster about a week ago. Totally changes the feel to the truck. Dealing with Livnitup was very enjoyable. He was straight forward knowledgeable, and very honest which is hard to find when buying things on the internet. The package was delivered fast! I was quite surprised with the packaging ( well protected) Great upgrade for my 2017 F150 STX – Anthonypd93 4/10/18

I upgraded my cluster this weekend. What a difference! Didn’t take more than about 15 mins to install. Thanks Livnitup! – F150-bakkie 4/9/18

Just installed my new 8″ cluster, huge step up from a 2″. Fantastic upgrade! Thanks to Clusters by Livnitup! – Tyhomer32 4/5/18

I recently purchased an 8″ cluster with blue tint from livnitup. He was very informative and helpful with the questions I had and once purchased, programmed and shipped the same day. He went above and beyond helping track the shipment. Needless to say I’m a happy customer! – Park713vmn 4/2/18

I ordered mine from ClustersByLivinItUp on Friday 3/9/18, and was way impressed with his commnunication, i had a cluster programmed and shipped the same day, and it arrived Monday 3/12/18! I installed it today (had to wait to make the anticipated mileage, due to fast shipping) and the unit is flawless and works perfectly!! Good on ya Clusters, i appreciate you!! – Rcupp17 3/14/17

Got my cluster in today and it took less than 10 minutes to install. It took me longer to play with the settings because I was so excited. Huge thanks to Livinitup!!! If anyone is considering this mod…..YOU HAVE TO DO IT! I opted for the blue tint behind the numbers and I’m so glad I did. – KillinTime 3/12/18

I just install my new 8″ cluster. I couldn’t believe how simple it was. With the instruction and video from Livnitup it took about 15 minutes. It feels like driving a brand new truck again. I suggest this to anyone even remotely thinking about it. The whole process from ordering to installation was extremely simple. Thank you Livnitup for all your expertise. – labmaster02 3/1/18

Thanks to Livnitup for the fantastic 8″ cluster. Ordered it on Friday afternoon, took me 10 minutes to install on Monday afternoon. Super happy with it, completely plug and play. I highly recommend. – ScabbieCriminal 2/12/18

This mod is by far my favorite so far and the most painless one yet thanks in large part to Livinitup. It was shipped less than a day after I ordered it and the swap was super simple. I think it looks dope as hell. – Kaykogi 2/4/18

Got my cluster yesterday and just finished the install. I am very pleased!!! – Speeddemon0712 2/2/18

Shout out for a great deal and fast shipping. I received my cluster and it was truly plug and play. I opted for a new lens and everything looks perfect. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks again! – Aaron Hauke 1/29/18

Thank You very much for a great product. This was the most rewarding and simplest modification I have done on my truck. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable to deal with, a rarity in today’s society. Thanks Again! – MRT1 12/31/17

Thanks to Livnitup for my customized 8″ cluster with the U.S. Speedo stainless steel sport faces! – mkraffert 12/22/17

Another happy livnitup customer! Upgraded from a 2″. Mileage and hours corrected, and had him do a BGG treatment. He’s a legit awesome and professional dude!! – D. Reid 12/19/17

Another happy customer, thank you “Clusters by Livnitup” – TNHItter 12/7/17

Been meaning to post this for a while but kept forgetting. Got my cluster from Livnitup and it is awesome. Quality guy, easy to do business with and he sure does some great work. – LostinWorship 12/23/17

Another satisfied customer! Odometer and hours correct. Programming by Livnitup made this upgrade painless! Cluster was packed really well also for shipping. – Pickle Rick 12/12/17

Thanks to livnitup recieved my 8″ cluster Saturday night and installed it this Sunday morning. Everything works. It will take a little while to get used to such a big screen and the different menu set up but it is great. Got the mileage, engine hours and idle hours exact – Aliasmax 12/3/17

Another satisfied Livnitup customer! The hardest part of this swap was waiting until the truck mileage caught up to the cluster. – Ryan B 10/27/17

Wanted to thank Mr Livnitup for helping me with my cluster swap. Very happy with this so thanks bro. Highly recommend him if you are thinking of doing the same thing. – Chris5 9/23/17

Got my cluster today. Yet another success due to the master livnitup. Looks great with the blue numbers. Thanks again! – OrionPax 8/31/17

Another satisfied livnitup customer gotta say thanks for everything and the extremely fast service. Gotta love the hassle free plug and play swap thanks livinitup. – DeeMiniioon 8/22/17

Add another satisfied Livnitup customer to the list!! – danlong 8/17/17

shout out to my brother @livnitup thnk for programing my cluster and getting it back to me quick very happy with the outcome thankyou.. great guy answered all my question no matrer how dumb thanks again brother – parra 8/16/17